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Do You Have The Right Digital Strategy To Crush It Online?

Building a successful online business is tough... there are a lot of steps to success & you must have a deliberate strategy to produce results. 

Have you taken the following key steps in your brand's digital presence to see successful customer engagement and more conversions?

1-Aesthetics & Design.

Comparing your site to your biggest competitors is useful in that it helps you find the standard for your industry aesthetic.  It also clues you into shifts in your industry which could help you stay on trend and up to date. The design and layout of your biggest competitor's site gives you a benchmark for design and growth goals. 

How does your digital presence stack up to your industries biggest and most successful brands?




The larger the number of visitors you can organically bring to your website the better!  But you should focus on increasing the quality of those website visitors, as not all traffic is quality traffic. And in fact, bad traffic can cost your business money without getting a good ROI.  When you increase your traffic along with the quality of the visitors, you will see an increase in your website conversion!  

Are you getting the right kind of organic traffic?  How are you finding Qualified Traffic?  Who is your ideal traffic?

3-Ideal Customers.

Building your website with the right meta data and search engine optimization is crucial in a digital lead world.  It find the right customer that would be perfect for your brand, you must know what they want and then answering their questions thru your website content.  

Is your website helping you find the perfect customers for your brand? 



The ultimate goal of every brand’s website is to convert website visitors to leads and then to customers. It’s often difficult to know what changes to make to improve your conversion rates, as there are a multitude of variables that affect them. The only way to know is to start testing and finding out what works.  Ask these simple questions to find out if your website is due for a conversion rate revamp:  

Do you know your website's conversion rate?  What’s your Abandoned cart rate?  What’s your Average unit sale Per customer?

5-Industry Standards.

In the fashion / beauty / wellness industries Aesthetic is crucial.  How do you compete with the biggest brands in your niche with the biggest budgets?  Do you have a brand and narrative that stands out- do you have copy that sells?  What differentiates your brand from the others in your niche?  

Are you showing your product in the right way that your ideal customer is expecting? 


6-Sales Funnels.

If you’re feeling like trying to optimize your marketing efforts is too much,  the secret formula for digital brand success is sending the right messages to the right potential customers at the right time.  The essence of digital marketing lies in knowing your ideal customers and directing them to your products.  You are looking to guide potential customer's who’s heard about your brand to turn into loyal customers. On average, 43.8% of site visitors view a product page, and only 3.3% of them end up making a purchase.  

Do you have a sales funnel that takes visitors from lookers to Buyers?  Where are you in regards to this benchmark of 3% conversion rate?

Ready To Revamp Your Digital Strategy To Take Your Brand Beyond?

If you are ready to build a successful online business... I can help guide you through these crucial steps to success. I can help create a deliberate strategy to produce results.  Let's start on a journey to revamp your digital strategy so you can see proven success.  Let's chat to see if we are a good fit.

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