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Having an elevated brand aesthetic will make or break your business.

For companies getting started, or even just going through a revamp, establishing a brand can be a creative process but also a source of stress. Your brand is the first touch point consumers will make with your product or service, and putting your best face forward is important.

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Picking a specific niche for your brand is crucial for long term success

Why is having a niche so important? And how can it help your brand?

For starters, you love your product we hope...and you want your dream customer to buy your brand over others in your niche. Unless you have your audience in mind, how will you know if your product will even sell, or if your brand will be successful?

Shoppers are buying more online now than ever, and at 51 percent, it's at an all-time high, according to an annual study by UPS and ComScore. With many users purchasing items right on their mobile devices, they have unlimited access to anything their hearts desire. YOUR brand should be accessible and easy to find. Read more to find out how to choose the niche that will drive your business's revenue to new heights...

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Get Your Customers To Click Buy Now On Repeat With Engaging Emails & Social Media Content

What is it that makes you stop your scroll? You know, you're either going through emails (many of which are junk!), or flicking fast through Instagram...

It MUST be good, or you'll just keep going, right?

Exactly. And this is what will make YOUR ideal customers do the same when it comes to your brand. If it's not engaging, aesthetically pleasing, or an offer you can't refuse, your fingers will just keep going...Whether on your mouse or on your phone or other mobile device.

According to Forbes, "Effectively optimized and well-distributed content helps our target customers find us. In other words, content marketing appeals to the “hand-raisers.” Those are the customers who are actively searching for our content and services. They are already asking for our solutions."

So basically it's like this- great content on social media, or a magnetizing email campaign, will get the "hand-raisers" that are already seeking your product out to stop their scroll. In addition, if it's better than great, buyers that weren't even looking for your brand, or didn't know they needed it, can also be sucked into your funnel. THIS is the power of effective content.

Not to discount SEO at all (which we will explore in a separate, upcoming post!), captivating social media content and fabulously crafted email marketing campaigns are vital when growing ANY business, especially eCommerce.

So, how do I do this? You say?

Let's start with social media. With such a variety of platforms today, how does a business choose where to focus their efforts the most? Well like most new things, it starts with some experimentation. Is your target audience defined (see our post on niche)? If it is, do some research to see where they "hang out" the most. Is it on Facebook? Instagram? YouTube? Pinterest? Even TikTok? This will make a difference in how effective your content will be.

Once you find where your buyers live, you can discover the answers to the questions you're asking.

Such as:

  • Is your content targeted to exactly what they're looking for?
  • How often, and at what times are they engaging the most?
  • Are they loyal- are they tagging and sharing? Are they coming back frequently?
  • What types of content is the most engaging (informational, sales-driven, question-asking)?

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Our Favorite eCommerce Platforms for 2021

If you want to sell anything online, you need an ecommerce platform. While a regular website provides everything you need to promote your business, people can’t pay for products, as this requires integrations with shipping providers and payment processors.

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What is Social Shopping & Why You Need It

While these sites can have an impact on your brand (many of them allow you to add your products), social shopping is so much more. It’s the blend of social media with shopping aspects.

Social shopping is the act of using social media to find reviews and recommendations about products (either products you’re actively searching for or those you happen to stumble upon), then using those reviews to guide your purchase decision.

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What percentage of gross revenue should your business spend on marketing & advertising?

According to the U.S. SBA, "If you think of marketing spending as eating into your profits, you’re thinking the wrong way. Marketing isn’t an expense—it’s an investment, one that drives your sales. Without marketing you won’t reach new potential customers, and that could mean lower sales." Find out what your business should be spending on marketing here.

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Something New at UltraMod!

We have some amazing news here at UltraMod. If you’re receiving this email, we’ve spoken in the past. You may have paid for some of our services, or at least gotten a breakdown of how we normally help business owners like yourself, increase their revenue and elevate their aesthetic through custom design work. 

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Modern Web Design Color Palettes for 2021

To define your brand's unique story, let's do some exploration to find a website color palette that'a a perfect fit.

The more you can stand out in a cluttered market, with your uniqueness, the more powerful your brand will be. In this article we discuss how choosing the right colors for your brand and website can help your ideal customers know what is your brand message. What your brand values are and why you are unique. Let’s see a few examples below.

Website color schemes have more of an effect on the persuasiveness of your website than most businesses would like to admit.

  • “It’s just a frilly add-on”
  • “Let’s just use the colors we used last time.”
  • “Let the CEO or the management change it however they want.”

NO, NO and NO....

Read on to find out exactly why color schemes are so important and get 33 of our favorite Website Color Schemes for 2021!

May 24, 20203 Comments

The Six Elements For eCommerce Brand Success

Are You Following These Six Tenets In Your Brand's Digital Presence To See Skyrocketing Growth, Successful Customer Engagement & Higher
Conversations? Keep Reading To Find Out…

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How Long Does It Take To Build A Website

What Does A Custom Designed E-Commerce Website Timeline Look Like?

Many Businesses ask us how long it will take to build their eCommerce website.  Just like it didn't take a day to build your business to where it is now, it will take time to build your business's website.

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Health and Wellness E-commerce Web Design Costs

Web Design & Maintenance Costs 2020

A Custom designed website and brand identity should be considered a fair investment into the future success of your business.

One reason is that your potential customers value good design. Good design will position you as an expert at what you do, and help you build trust with your website visitors and allow you to harness each visitor with a high conversion rate - creating customers out of visitors online.

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How To Make An Impression With Your Social Media Accounts

Love It Or Hate It, Social Media Is Here To Stay.  So, How Do You Up Your Social Game?

The best thing to do is automate the process, use your voice and make sure your look is cohesive and professional across all platforms.

Here are our top 4 “must-dos” for making you social posts really worth paying attention to:

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Cheap Website Design Is Not Good Investment

If A Web Design Price Tag Seems Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is.

When you are a business owner, there are pressures everywhere. We get it. Pressure to save money, pressure to get your website done quickly, pressure to provide a better service than your competitors.  You may be thinking you want to save money, but in this article we want to explain why Cheap Website Design Is Not Good Investment.

You want a website, and you want it done quick… for next to no money, and hopefully, everyone will look at you as a hero, the business guru of the year.

You found a really great deal on cheap website design, and picked your design/development company based only on the lowest possible bid. Seems like your prayers have been answered.
Not so fast....read on to find out why and how, if you opt for Cheap Website Design, you may be paying for your new cheap website many times over.

Read On To Learn Why Going With The Lowest Price Web Designer Is Not, Ultimately, A Good Long Term Business Investment

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