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You’re ready to bring your A-game but your web presence isn’t up to par and you don’t know where to start? In our intensive strategy session we’ll work with you to peel back the layers to discover and celebrate all the things that could make your brand unstoppable.

In Our BrainStorming Session You’ll Get:

You will leave our session with a clear understanding of your goals, and gain a deeper understanding of how to attract your ideal audience, your competition and what changes you need to make to shine in a crowded market.

You’ll leave with a strong foundation—the core of your business—so you can bravely focus on what truly matters and make change happen. Our Brainstorming Session will show you step-by-step how we can help you improve your eCommerce site user experience to get more conversions.  We will create for you a Custom Digital Strategy Blueprint with Marketing Recommendations that grows your business.  By booking a Brainstorming Session guarantees a spot in our consulting calendar for 30 days should you decide to move forward one-on-one with Ultramod as your digital strategy consultancy.

Our eCommerce Website Audit will help you reach a wider audience, while improving engagement and retention of your current website visitors.  With the audit, we work on your behalf to uncover opportunities to improve your site’s design, usability, accessibility, conversions, and performance.  Our audit will provide actionable, and realistic next steps to improve your site’s user experience so you can avoid missing potential customers.

Every business that wants to grow needs to have a solid marketing plan in place. We will dive into your current eCommerce set-up,  detect what marketing opportunites, and make recommendations on what new marketing strategy you can take. Our marketing recommendations will help you bring clarity to the direction to take to reach your goals.  When you partner with us, we will create a detailed marketing plan of action to boost your brand to new heights. 

Your On-Page SEO Report helps you learn what your users want. SEO reporting can be refocused to create a better user experience.  Before you engage in paid search strategies, PPC campaigns, or organic search engine marketing improvements, set your metrics and SEO progress reporting so you can better target your actions.  Discovering your conversion rate per keyword on your website is essential in improving your strategy. 

Why are your competitors outranking you? What are their strengths? Their weaknesses? What marketing strategies are they following? Which keywords are they ranking for? What countries are they targeting? Competitor analysis is the answer. Learn from their strengths and exploit their weaknesses. Our competitve analysis report harvests digital consumer insights that help you make informed decisions about your brand's marketing strategy to helps you outsmart your competitors.

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