If A Web Design Price Tag Seems Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is.

When you are a business owner, there are pressures everywhere. We get it. Pressure to save money, pressure to get your website done quickly, pressure to provide a better service than your competitors.  You may be thinking you want to save money, but in this article we want to explain why Cheap Website Design Is Not Good Investment.

You want a website, and you want it done quick… for next to no money, and hopefully, everyone will look at you as a hero, the business guru of the year.

You found a really great deal on cheap website design, and picked your design/development company based only on the lowest possible bid. Seems like your prayers have been answered.
Not so fast....read on to find out why and how, if you opt for Cheap Website Design, you may be paying for your new cheap website many times over.

Read On To Learn Why Going With The Lowest Price Web Designer Is Not, Ultimately, A Good Long Term Business Investment

Our Top Three Reasons Why Cheap Web Design Is A Bad Investment For Your Business

If a quote from a web designer sounds too good to be true… like an E-commerce site for under $2,000 USD, or a fully functional website for $299… then it definitely is.

We’d like to share a story from the VERY early days of our digital design & development business. Many years ago, a prospective clients contacted us about re-building a shopify website for their business. These prospective clients previously had a shopify site, that they had built and designed by a “web design sweatshop” in another country. The clients had already put money into their site, and were now on the hunt for a new web designer to make their site look more professional than the outsourced designers had done.  So, this would now be the second time they were building and designing their site.

We put together a proposal of our services for e-commerce, which is typically always over well $2000… but the client insisted on a price tag or $1,500 for the re-design of the site.

Out of courtesy, we broke up the proposal into two phases. The first part being redesign and the second part being digital strategy, marketing solutions and SEO.  After a few days we checked back with this potential client, and they explained to us that they went with a proposal that was cheaper than ours, and clarified that they thought that our design portfolio was the strongest, and that they would most likely need to work with us in the future to redesign their site again once they expand.

So, apparently they were willing to pay for their site redesign not only twice, but three times. This seems like a bad investment… for the simple fact that if they had just gone with a designer/developer who did the job the right way the first time… they would have saved their business potentially thousands of dollars.

1. A Cheap Website Design Will Most Likely Have To Be Redone, Sooner Than You Think

When you get a quote that seems too good to be true, most likely it is. You run the risk of companies underbidding you on purpose and then costs running up past your initial budget on the back end of the project when things don’t go as planned. What seems like a steal now WILL end up costing you more in the future. Since Cheap Website Design Is Not Good Investment, it's best to spend what the going rate is for high quality work, the first time.

With choosing the wrong Design / Development partner, you also run the risk of entering into a contract with a designer/developer that is not very good at what they do – hence the reason their e-commerce websites cost less than $1000…. that price alone should be your first red flag.

Legitimate e-commerce businesses spend upwards of $100,000 dollars on their e-commerce sites without batting an eyelash… why?, because their sites work, they are optimized, they are designed with the customer in mind, to keep them coming back – therefore they make the company millions of dollars per year.

The "high" cost of the website build, ends up paying for itself hundreds of times over.  Read on to learn why a poorly designed, cheap website will repel your clients faster than anything else you can do with your business.

Cheap Website Design Makes Your Business Look Bad

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Why Cheap Website Design Is Not A Good Business Investment

You know what they say: “You only get one chance to make a first impression”. This has never been more true when it comes to this new digital age. Most people find new business by “googling” or looking for new businesses online. Once your potential clients happen upon your site, whether they stay and are persuaded by your products or services is almost exclusively dictated by the design.

The design and user experience of your site is crucial if you want the people that land on your site to stay & buy.  Most websites have a “bounce rate” of 60%… meaning that once someone has landed on your site, they look around for 30 seconds and then leave. In most cases, only 40% stay, meaning they move to the next page and engage with your website.

A good question to ask is what makes that 40% of people stay? - Content and Design! This is why you cannot skimp on making your website a pleasure to look at and to use. Your competitors don’t skimp, they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their digital presence. Why do you think investing a few hundred dollars will somehow do the trick?

Why Cheap Web Design Is Not A Good Business Investment

2. Your Potential Customers Judge Your Poorly Designed Website Based On The Look Of Your Best Competitor’s Site.

Most potential customers are smart, they are doing their homework. This is why you must assume they are looking at not only doing business with you, but all of your biggest competitors. Since they can easily search all of your business competitors... and may even happen upon their site before they discover yours, you can see why Cheap Website Design Is Not Good Investment.

We have some homework for you… search for your 5 biggest competitors on the internet and look at their sites.  Go to their sites as if you were a potential client and use them like your  would. Is the site easy to navigate? Is it a nice design, that makes the business look modern, successful?

This is called market research… Now forget the 5 biggest competitors above you… search for the biggest name in the business in your field. The business that all businesses in your field could only dream of becoming…. what does their website look like? How does their website make it easier to do business with them online? This is the standard you should aim for when strategizing for your website design, and how you should aim for your website to function.

Compared To Your Biggest Competitor, Your Cheap Website Design Will Be Dismissed Out Of Hand

Compared To Your Biggest Competitor, Your Low Quality Website Will Be Dismissed Out Of Hand

You are building a brand. Hopefully with the right strategy, your business can succeed, but it must be done in a way that is on par with your biggest competitors. In a marketplace where the competition is steep, you must strategize to be the best you can be, and cutting corners on design is the quickest way to failure that we can imagine.

In an open marketplace, your potential clients are viewing your biggest competitor most likely before they are finding you, so your site must be as beautiful, easy to use and compelling as theirs.

Building your brand takes a lot of work, strategy and investment. Your digital presence is an essential part of your brand, and these days, it’s the first introduction to your business that most people see. Knowing that Cheap Website Design Is Not Good Investment, trying to get the best deal possible in the way of only spending a few hundred dollars on a website when your competitors are not being cheap is not the best strategy for the digital success of your business.

3. A Cheap Website Design Harms Your Brand

Websites are living, breathing entities and need constant care and maintenance. Updating content, making changes to the backend and fixing broken links are all in a day’s work. All of these phases are critical to the Web design process. But the common thread that runs through the process is design strategy: the desire to achieve your goals through design, to move your business forward, and most of all to prosper in an extremely competitive environment, right along side other businesses that have their digital strategies figured out and are crushing it.

Don't know where to start?  We are absolutely here to help you create the most beautiful site possible to help your business grow with the right digital strategy, which will help compel your brand forward in a crowded digital landscape. Work with us and get five star design.

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