Love It Or Hate It, Social Media Is Here To Stay.  So, How Do You Up Your Social Game?

The best thing to do is automate the process, use your voice and make sure your look is cohesive and professional across all platforms.

Here are our top 4 “must-dos” for making you social posts really worth paying attention to:

Tip Number One:

Make sure that you are yourself in your posts.  People are following you, whether on your personal account or a business you represent, because they genuinely want to hear what you have to say.   Make sure you inject your posts with your personality, your viewpoint and your expertise.   Yes, make your posts interesting….  But being professional is important too.  If you happen to regret something you say later, nothing on the internet is ever truly “deleted”.

“Transparency May Be The Most Disruptive And Far-Reaching Innovation To Come Out Of Social Media.”  

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- Paul Gillin

You know what they say: “You only get one chance to make a first impression”. This has never been more true when it comes to this new digital age. Most people find new business by “googling” or looking for new businesses online. Once your potential clients happen upon your site, whether they stay and are persuaded by your products or services is almost exclusively dictated by the design. 

Tip Number Two:

There are many online resources that can help those who may not be professional photographers to have images that really make an impression.   A few suggestions for very high quality, royalty free images are:

  • For High Res Files: I’ve got to recommend UNSPLASH  
  • For Social Media Graphics: a great freemium model is CANVA

Image resolution can make or break a post, make sure you don’t see any pixelation in your images, which is an indication that your pictures are too small.


Each social media platform allows you to have show off your “branding” chops by allowing you to choose your own personal headers and gravatars, which is where your style can stand out.  Each platform has different dimensions for header size and gravatar shape, so make sure you size things up correctly.   If you are not quite sure how to wield Photoshop to make this happen, you can always call on me to help you with your branding. 


If you are sharing content from your website, (which you should be- since social media is essentially a publishing & advertising platform on a teeny scale), make sure the process is painless!  Less work for you means less headache and fewer times you have to log-in to each specific account to share your post individually.   Some of the easiest ways to “Automate” is to integrate your website’s backend with your social media accounts.   Some of the simplest automation (and free for individuals) are:

Using wordpress’s back-end you could hook up JetPack and Turn on the “Publicize” feature.  There you can hook up to the most common Social media platforms and it will share automatically every-time you publish a new blog post, project or product.

For Scheduled sharing Buffer is great… you can schedule posts for the busiest times of day when you know your audience is surfing.  You can also schedule days in advance, so you don’t have to be constantly staring at your phone!

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