Invisible Institution

Spiritual Health & Wellness

-Project Highlights

Invisible Institution is a health and wellness website.  Our client needed a cohesive brand identity and a new website build to act as a hub for private health coaching clients.

A Spiritual and Wellness Coach's Online Health Center

Ed Napper was in need of UltraMod’s help decided to launch their new wellness coaching business, and needed a fresh design and layout for their new venture. 


- The Task

One of the main goals of the Ed Napper + UltraMod team for their online presence was to translate their powerful and health conscious work into an impressive online wellness portal.  Ed Napper sought the help of UltraMod, to create a clean and simple user flow and experience.


- The Project

With all our clients we go through a wholistic digital strategy, which helps us determine what new elements need to be added to create the greatest user experience, to educate potential clients on Ed's work and abilities. The result is a layout where the client can intuitively scroll all available wellness options without leaving the page. This is also optimized for mobile, so clients can view the offerings and contact Ed right from their phone. 

- The Results

We helped our client gain more organic traffic from SEO, more sales conversions from a more user friendly website, and more engagement from their current email list thru beautifully designed and creative email marketing.  We also helped with Ed's with email marketing planning and engagement to gain more followers on their marketing channels. Together we have established an aggressive roadmap for innovation including subscriptions, recurring orders, and digital advertising, social media art direction, email marketing and content creation.  

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- Services Provided

Brand Identity
Website Design
Search Engine Optimization
Content Creation
Digital Marketing

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